All about Traxxas Parts

13 Dec

There's more into just having Traxxas trucks than just doing racing; you also have to determine on how to properly maintain your truck's parts so that it would remain to its optimal performance and shape. Maintenance is a very vital factor because this is how you will maintain the integrity of your Traxxas truck. Maintenance is not just about simply fixing or repairing damages to your model but this would also permit you to improve your truck if this is what you like to do. Thus, it would be ideal to determine the right components that you should have for your truck. In that way, you would know what you will need whenever upgrades or repairs are needed.

To give you some ideas about the kinds of Traxxas parts available at RC Planet, this article would tell you about the breakdown of the individual categories in terms of the parts of these trucks, these are the main example: Brushings, air filters, chassis & attachments, and bearings, brake components, body, skid plates, clutch, differential components, bumpers, exhaust, driveline components,  engine components, suspension, servo and engine mounts, fuel line and tank, radio systems, fuel lubricants, charger, batteries, rear suspension, hardware, spur gears, springs, steering components, clutch bells, wheels, tires, treaded rods, turnbuckles, transmission components, and a lot more.

There are just some of the numerous parts of traxxas slash trucks which are involved in creating these amazing R/C machines. What you would discover if you need to have a repair kit or need to get some replacement part, is every piece must be sold individually in order for you to get the one that you really need.

What if you're interested to upgrade your truck's radio control system, stadium truck, etc.? If you like to put more additional features right into your RC model in order to enhance its performance or you will like to put your personal touch into it, then you just have to ensure that all of the accessories that you like to put are compatible. To get more tips on how to choose the best RC cars, visit

For example, if you like your device to have a much higher speed or better performance, then you would have to get a powerful motor. While there are numerous styles of motors in the market, you would still like to choose the ones that suit your needs and are in accordance to the truck that you have. If you have a device that is designed for off road racing, you may like to look for a high torque power motor. This has a fan-cooled armature system that would make sure that it can endure off road adventures and provide more torque; thus, making the climb less challenging.

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